Energies – Status Quo of the Air-Conditioning Market in Europe: Assessment of the Building Stock

Prepared by Simon Pezzutto (Eurac Research), Matteo De Felice (ENEA), Reza Fazeli ( University of Iceland), Lukas Kranzl (Vienna University of Technology) and Stefano Zambotti (Eurac Research).
August 2017 in Energies

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Deliverable 6.1 – User stories and priorisation

Prepared by Anders Michael Odgaard & Jørgen Lindgaard Olesen, PlanEnergi
Reviewed by Brian Vad Mathiesen, AAU
March 2017

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Deliverable 4.1 – Guidelines for the structure of the overall development framework

Prepared by Gabriel Ruiz, Lesly Houndolé, Vincent Roch (CREM) and Antoine Widmer, Daniel Hunacek (HES-SO Valais)
Reviewed by Sara Fritz, Lukas Kranzl (TU Wien)

June 2017

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