What is the Hotmaps toolbox ?

The Hotmaps toolbox is a GIS based web tool that is dedicated to support authorities and energy planners in the process to set up a strategic heating and cooling plan for their region. The tool will allow to analyse heating and cooling demand as well as efficient supply options on a local, regional and national level.

What will be the main features of the Hotmaps toolbox ?

The toolbox will allow the user to:

  • identify the location of current heating and cooling demand as well as supply on a map for EU28;
  • identify renewable energy potentials to supply heating and cooling needs for a selected area;
  • identify waste heat potential from industrial facilities within a selected area;
  • estimate the potential for efficient district heating options within a selected area;
  • estimate and compare the costs of individual heating vs. district heating options within a selected area;
  • compare the results from local heating and cooling planning with national and regional de-carbonisation pathway.

Where is it hosted and developed ?

The tool is developed within the Hotmaps project in a collaboration between IT experts, energy system modellers and users of the tool in the form of pilot areas and energy planners. After the project, the tool will be hosted by Energy Cities.


When the first version of the Hotmaps software will be released ?

A first version of the toolbox for the public will be available in 2019. If you want to contribute to the toolbox or provide us with feedback as a test user you can do that in 2018 already.

For more information please contact info@hotmaps-project.eu.

Will I be allowed to download and use the Hotmaps toolbox ?

Yes, the toolbox will be fully open for the public and the source code will be published as well. Also the default data sets will be available for download. If you want to contribute to with code or data you are very welcome.

Please contact: info@hotmaps-project.eu for further information on contributions to the toolbox.