Hotmaps at the EU Sustainable Energy Week

During the next EU Sutainable Energy Week – on June 20th at 11 a.m. – we will present how Hotmaps supported/is supporting the development of local energy strategy in 7 different areas.

Europe consumes most of its energy as heating and cooling in households. With more than 80% of the heat delivered to buildings coming from obsolete, inefficient and polluting boilers, decarbonising this sector is crucial. A steep increase in the current 20% share of renewables in heating and cooling is required, together with improving the efficiencies of our heating and cooling systems, in order to achieve the Paris Agreement goals.

The solutions and technologies are already on the table such as heat pumps, district heating, cogeneration, biomass boilers and stoves, solar heat and geothermal energy. Moreover, various innovative tools and projects such as RELaTEDPLANHEATand Hotmaps are being developed to assist cities and regions with the feasibility analysis, implementation phase and replication promotion of decarbonising heating and cooling.

There is the political momentum. With the Clean Energy Package being finalised and the Long-Term Decarbonisation Strategy under discussion, it’s the right time to start planning and implementing: what must Europe do to accelerate the uptake of all these solutions? From individuals and local authorities to European and international decisionmakers, the effort to unlock that full decarbonisation potential is collective – and a full decarbonisation possible well before 2050 if we act now.

This policy session will give a thorough overview of the heating and cooling sector in Europe with its opportunities, tools and technologies available for local, regional and national authorities. Join our session to find out more about this great decarbonisation potential!

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