First Hotmaps training at SSPCR Conference

On 9th and 10th December, the first Hotmaps training took place in Bolzano, Italy. The training was organised in the framework of EURAC’s 3rd International Conference on Smart & Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions (SSPCR).

A group of participants coming from research institutions and cities’administration from all over Europe learnt how to use the Hotmaps Toolbox for strategic heating and cooling planning. The trainers presented the tool’s interface and functionalities, but also the support materials such as the Hotmaps Wiki and tutorial.

Each participant worked on a specific test case to be selected out of several options. Several trainers were at their disposal, to support them in their work. Thanks to a series of practical exercises, participants learnt how to use Hotmaps to:

  • Map heat demand and resource potentials
  • Identify potential district heating areas
  • Calculate costs for central and decentral supply options
  • Develop indicators for certain heat demand and supply scenarios

The feedback from the participant was extremely positive: they recognised that the possibility of using Hotmaps without installing any software on the computer is a big advantage. Also, they highlighted  the Hotmaps Wiki  as an important instrument to support users in navigating the tool. The city representatives present at the training declared their interest in using Hotmaps for their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. They also suggested potential improvements to the training structure, that will allow the Hotmaps team to further adjust the program of the next trainings to the users’ need.

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