We have just released an updated version of the Hotmaps brochure!

Open Source Data for Gross Floor Area and Heat Demand Density on the Hectare Level for EU 28 By Andreas Müller, Marcus Hummel, Lukas Kranzl, Mostafa Fallahnejad and Richard Büchele

THE HOTMAPS TOOLBOX – Supporting strategic heating & cooling planning at local level

by Simon Pezzutto ,Silvia Croce,  Stefano Zambotti, Lukas Kranzl, Antonio Novelli and Pietro Zambelli

The Hotmaps team just published a set of “how to” documents to support the users of the software.

by Chiara Scaramuzzino, Giulia Garegnani, PietroZambelli

Prepared by Simon Pezzutto, Gianluca Grilli, Stefano Zambotti and Stefan Dunjic

Prepared by Simon Pezzutto, Franziska Haas, Dagmar Exner, Stefano Zambotti

Prepared by Simon Pezzutto (Eurac Research), Matteo De Felice (ENEA), Reza Fazeli ( University of Iceland), Lukas Kranzl (Vienna University of Technology) and Stefano Zambotti (Eurac Research).