Hotmaps software beta version is available!

The Hotmaps software beta version is now available! This tool allows users to browse through a European map and retrieve information on space heating and hot water demand, CO2 emissions as well as potentials for renewable supply like biomass and solar energy on a spatially disaggregated level. Users are able to select their regions and geographical scale of interest from a 100x100m resolution up to Country level for the whole EU28. For more detailed analyses, users may also upload own data in their user accounts.

You can access it at

Please consider this is the beta release and first public version of the tool. Our developers will continue to improve it and add new calculation modules for heating and cooling planning until the end of the project life. If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch.


A Hotmaps Wiki and a tutorial for using the Hotmaps toolbox for strategic heat planning is online and will be regularly updated.

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